Arousment on dates?

Okay so this is a little awkward of a topic I know, but it needs to be discussed. I'm a high schooler right now and I just recently gotten my first girlfriend. We've started getting a lot more physical/ comfortable with each other lately, something I've never expirience before. Now even though we both have no sexual intentions with each other, I find myself getting an errection when I'm holding her hand or she's resting her head on me, or when she's playing with my hair. I honestly have no clue why as I don't want to have a sexual relationship, nor are any of these things she's doing particularly sexual. I really don't want her to notice because I feel she'd be grossed out. So my question is guys; what do you do to prevent this from happening? And girls; if your boyfriend did this what would you think?
Thank you for your time and responses!


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  • Most girls expect the guy to get aroused from such things. Sometimes you can get aroused by the emotional connection you have with another human being.
    Don't worry about it, it is pretty normal and I am sure she won't be grossed out.


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  • I am a guy and went on plenty of dates witch is different that that of your post as I have no steady girlfriend, but I too on pretty much everyone of them have gotten very very aroused by some of the touching she and they have done to me.. it is a super feeling to me to have that and there has not been one date ever that did not like to see it happen.. it opened the door for many many more things, walks in the park, going to a movie, coffee, the list goes on and on.. do not ever fight with yourself over getting aroussed... as one person said it is very natural


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  • Arousal is natural, you can't really control it.