If you're falling in love with someone is it normal to, at times, wonder why this person is with you?

I'm not a person that normally lacks In self confidence. However one the rare occasion I do meet someone I'm really into I do typically get a little overly self aware.

With my current boyfriend I've moved on from that phase to acceptance of the fact he really does like me for the RIGHT reasons but I'm still sometimes in awe of it. We've been together for almost six months and seen each other's ups and downs.

He's a very emperical thinker and can come off as a jerk but is honestly quite generous with his time and compassion towards his friends. He is endlessly smart and amazing and pretty much everything I was looking for in a man. I know that not everyone sees how amazing he is or appreciates him as much as I do but sometimes I just can't help but wonder at how lucky I ask that he wants to be with me despite all my flaws and can't help but wonder why.

Meat first I didn't want to let him see my crack but it seems every crack I let him see the more he loves me. Is it normal to question why the person you love loves you and sometimes feel kind of, well, less than?


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  • I wonder that too sometimes


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  • Yes, of course that's normal to feel as you start getting more and more emotionally invested in that person, or 'fall in love'.

    As that happens, you do become more vulnerable in a sense, because you're opening yourself up to someone emotionally. It's probably a defensive sort of reflex so wonder why this person might see anything worthwhile in you, if you're truly 'good enough' for them.


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  • Guess it's normal. I question it as well, way too often.

  • I think it's completely normal, I've never been in a relationship, but I usually wonder why people love me, I don't feel that I deserve their love.