My boyfriend took down his online dating account, should I take this as a good sign?

We've been together for months now and I told him I didn't like that he was still getting on over a month ago. He said he was getting on mainly to look at my photos.

Well weve been been getting along so intimately I decided to take mine down without telling him. I just felt it was time. Now I found out from a friend he took his down as well. Is this a good sign?

i feel we are ready for a serious commitment and from what I've seen men aren't quick to yank the cord on their dating accounts.


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  • I did that with a previous girlfriend. From my point of view he wanted to focus on you.


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  • I suppose it is a good sign. However, remember that he could still be cheating on you whether he has an online profile or not.

  • Isn't it obvious that it's better than having it still live?


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