Ok so I was sitting in the car with my crush? She asked what do I wanna do did I do the right thing?

Ok so I met up with my crush from high school I haven't seen her in two days and like the crush has been since middle school so and I go to school out of state so we finally met up we haven't really been texting and flirting or anything but we got together and smoke a joint please don't shame me for smoking weed just answer my question please.. But anyway we did that and we just had a good conversation she like touched on my hair and was playing with it told me she likes my dreadlocks because she hasn't seen me since high school and I had short hair and like It could have been flirting I've thought she's liked me a little but I never could really tell if she's just that cool of a person like Im confused by it so we leave the apartment where we went to smoke and went to another apartment and like it she asked me what do I want to do and like how she asked in my opinion seemed like she wanted me to make a move but I was so nervous nd like I didn't know what to do because I'm friends with my crush but I'm not sure if she likes me and you know sometimes a lot when you like someone you can get the wrong idea and misinterpret what that person Could mean.. How should I have handled this situation did I do the right thing by not going in trying to kiss her and make a move and make things awkward especially since she was driving and my car was at her house like I was nervous I didn't know and I said what do you wanna do to she wanna do and she was like I wanna know what you wanna do we don't have to smoke if you don't want to we can do something else and like I felt she wanted me to make a move but I was scared not gonna lie help me what shols I have done


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  • You shouldn't have got dreadlocks. That was your first mistake.

  • Women are attracted to a confident man with a plan. Next time, make a move.