How do you know if they're lying about you being a good kisser?

Alright so I had my first kiss about a month ago. I was prepared because I knew it was coming, I was saying goodbye to my boyfriend outside but my family was standing there also so we didn't kiss, just hugged. We all went in and he drove off. Then about 5 minutes later he told me to sneak outside and kiss him so I did! We were outside for 2 more hours (was about 2 am when I came outside) just kissing and talking. It felt right, he seemed to enjoy it. He was grinding on me a little bit lol. And grabbing my butt. It felt good and he told me I was a good kisser. But how do i know if he just said that since he knows it was my first?

He's kissed other girls.


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  • My question is how would he know if you where

    • He's kissed other girls

    • Ok then your probably a good kisser and really

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  • Well I really just think that you're being paranoid... If he had a problem, he would say nothing at all. Consider yourself lucky :p it's either a hit or miss with kissing and I guess you got it!


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  • If he grabbed your butt then thats a sign that he was enjoying the kissing

  • At that age, everyone is a good kisser cause you're just happy to be kissing anyone.


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