Why is my ex being so hot and cold?

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up in April because we were spending too much time together and it was affecting our grades (we're both juniors in college). He would drunk text me sometimes during the summer but we both agreed space was the best idea. I saw him for the first time last night at a bar with my friends and he told my roommate that he wanted to talk to me and fix things, but we never had the chance. His bestfriend got really drunk and was being flirty with me, but I wasn't having it. At 3 am my ex texted me hey, and when I went to respond the morning after, he wouldn't answer me. The next day I sent him another message saying that I hope we can talk next time we see eachother but he won't respond to it either.

I'm unsure what is going through is head. Why isn't he responding to me if he said he wanted to fix things?



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