How much easier is dating if you are gokd looking compared to average like me?

Is it a completely different experience? Does confidence just come naturally?


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  • hopefully you don't take this in a rude way, but "average" people and "attractive" people sounds stupid. attractive and average has way more to do with personality that looks. yes there should be some attraction but you can't possibly be interested in someone who looks like a god and treats you like the help. that's ridiculous. I would MUCH rather have someone who was "average" looking that treated me like a queen than anything else. because when it comes down to it, I want someone who's going to make me happy, and if people take one look at you and think "he's only average looking I can't date him" without getting to know you and seeing how amazing you could be and could be treating them then they're not worth your time.

    • All i want is someone to share my time with and give my love to. Someone to be be my partner in life. Everyone I know says I'm such a nice person and I make a lot of female friends. But that's all women usually want from me, friendship. I just feel like being better looking would make me more appealing as a potential partner.


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  • I would consider myself decent looking, but I find it super hard to find/get a date. I'm kind of insecure though because i'm afraid of rejection.

  • It's easier to get a date but as far as relationships not necessarily.


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