Is my boyfriend using me or I am I being a crappy gf?

My boyfriend is older than me and still in college. I graduated 3 years ago. Everytime we hang out we do his homework. I understand bc its important. However, he makes me help him with all of it. Its like he can't do it without me. He wants till i come over too, like he will take a three hour nap and wake up when i get there so we can do homework. yay. I haver written over 20 papers for him. I run my own business and on my weekends i am a study buddy. He never takes me out on the town, or anything bc he has no money and he has homework. Last week he had a paper due. I assumed I would be the one doing it bc I do all of them. I was at a friends house the night before it was due. I was getting my hair done. He text me and says you do that paper? I was like no sorry i have been busy, i am getting my hair done and won't be done till almost midnight. but its not hard you can do it. after i said that his mood changed he texted back short, or not at all. on the way home at 1am i call him. He tells me that he won't be coming to my family event tomorrow because of the paper. However the paper is due tomorrow morning. I think he is trying to punish me. Finally after a long fight, i am up till 2 am writting his paper. when he is off work and only has 3 classes. I have a 9 hour work day ahead of me. This weekend were studying for a test. there are 10 questions to answer in a full paragraph. We both take 5 each. I answer all 5 not knowing the subject, having to read the book then answer the questions, i turn to him after 40 mins he hasn't answered a one. I flip a lid. I tell him i am not doing anymore and pull out my cell and relax. He then tries for 5 more mins and then says oh well i am done. Tonight he has a paper due. I worked all day and i am tired but i faithfully start reading the topic and start trying to learn about this subject. I can't find anything I call him 3 times he finally answers its obvious he is sleeping after he has already told me that the paper is due and knows i am fa


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  • He needs to go. That will give him a big hint that 1) he was using you and you knew it so he likely can't get away with it in the future and 2) he needs to grow up.

    The difference between an adult and a child (besides pubic hair) is that an adult take personal responsibility for their actions and behavior. He needs to grow up and as long as you are Mommy, he won't.


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  • He's using you. What does he do for you except demand and expect shit?


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  • Shame on you for continuing to enable him


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