Girl is driving me nuts?

We met 5 months ago and we usualy start the day texting eachother lovely dovely stuff but it all ends at night when we talk trough phone it usually starts hey can i ask u something... And starts asking random shit like howmany girls have u slept with before me my answ is 2 she doesn't beleive me.. then asks about my exses she has follow on them all trough fb... Sometime asks why so up late at night when im actually sleeping.. mobile is always wifi on.. and i didn't mention that she has my fb acc info and pass so when i tell her to check it out for herself she says she doesn't want to but i dont beleive those words.. and when i ask about hers acc then whole hell drops down upon me.. i do love her and want to marry her, but some things i can't let slip like that... its easy to say i trust u and start asking random shit about my exses and blaming me that i still see them trough fb so im kind of rethinking this relationship and maybe broke it off... Any opinion on this matter?


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  • She clearly doesn't trust you if she keeps asking you about your exes and who you've slept with. I think it's normal for women to wonder about who they're significant other has been with but it's not right to have that much distrust in a relationship. I think it's up to you to decide whether or not you want to keep dealing with her trust issues, give her another chance, or break it off completely.

    • Im about to give her one last chance i think i can look over this she did say she was acting horrible but will wait if she really changed her way of thinking i do love her but sometimes u gottalet them go... Life is so unfair and people are mean and selfish


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  • I think this won't work out as long as she's insecure like that. I mean it's nice in a way that you're comfortable enough to give your fb info to her, but it shouldn't have to be taken that far. She should be able to trust you without having your fb password readily available, just in case. If she doesn't trust you now, will she ever? Trust is so important in a relationship. If she doesn't get rid of her insecurities, they will end up ruining this relationship. You need to talk to her about her obsession towards your exes and your past. It's not healthy.


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  • She's crazy and will constantly hover you; she doesn't trust you and seems too needy.