Girls, Is reading my Childrens book to her child a good first date?

I love girls. I love children, I work in a elementary school and I write Childrens stories. Say I met a girl with a child, is reading my Childrens story to her kid a good first date? It could be me, her, and her child having bonding time. Is that a good first date?


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  • I would not introduce my child to a potential boyfriend on the first date, just my opinion...

    • I agree. Because the possibility of breaking up etc etc. a good mom wouldn't want to have many men in and out of their child's life.

    • @inlovewithyou2014 Exactly


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  • Dating a person that has a child from a previous relationship is a little bit more complicated. You don’t need to earn just the trust of the woman, but you need to earn the child’s trust as well. Trying to bond with a child through a children’s book is a wonderful idea, but you might want to try playing some games, drawing or just talking to the child.

  • I think the first date should be just you and her not the child. It's better to meet the child when things get a bit more serious. But you could by all means bring that up! Just say "I write children's books and I'd love to share them with your daughter at some point!"