What do you think about this girl?

What do you think about this girl?

Hey guys there's this girl in my class she already has a boyfriend , she and I got close a few month back so she used to always love teasing me like all the time lol while in class shove paper bits into my shirt , keep disturbing me for fun while we were sitting together , play with foot and so on. So last week we had a cultural festival as soon as she arrives and looks at up she goes like heyyyy! comes running towards me and gives me a hug infront of our classmates then after a while she looks around just to see if someone was looking after the hug :D.

Anyway the next time we all were invited to our common friends birthday party during which she once slapped by butt and laughed lol so in return I slapped her's also :P i even got butt pinched once before so after the party before leaving she comes close to me and gives me a firm hug which lasted longer than the first one to be honest I felt so connected with her , I was the only guy she hugged just shaking hands with others waved my bye and left.

What do you think about this girl?


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  • You like her, and she likes you!
    i think you should spend more time with her and see what happens!
    you never know she can become your gf!