I have a boyfriend, How to let another guy I like him?

So please read this before answering and no dumb asshole answers I will just downrate you.

Ok, so I have a boyfriend he is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, he is a total 10. However he is somewhat of a looser, he's in his thirties and living LIKE an immature kid at college. (He doensn't go to college) He likes to smoke pot all day long, and go hiking, and sleep. That's all he likes to do, I find him quite boring, he has no hobbies, skills, tallents, and even worse yet no aspiration, for not or the future, no desires. He's just a looser. I will admit we kind of started going steady too soon, before I really knew what he was like. We also have opposite pollitican views, he is very outgoing and I do not like being round people. I like him a lot, but I realize it could never work for us in the long run.

And this is where it gets fucked up, I like his brother. And I am not sure if he likes me. He came over to my house a few times when me and my boyfriend were first together to talk about religion. Then he moved to the next town. My boyfriend shows lots of PDA and I don't like to infront of his brother, not only because I am considerate of others feelings, but I don't want him to think we are screwing. His brother got a girlfriend for a short while and they broke up. So if he really liked me I don't know why he would get a girlfriend, and it doesn't really matter to me as long as I knew that if we would be together someday that he wasn't screwing her. So basically, I am honestly not having sex with my boyfriend becuase I want to be with his brother and I am worried that his brother will get a girlfriend that he will sleep with and well then I would be devistated. How do I subtly let him know that I like him so maybe he will holf out for me? I don't want to tell him I like him as that would be wrong since I have a boyfriend, but let him know maybe if he likes me it's doable. I know that sounds really contradicting, and confusing but his brother and I share a lot in common, especially politcs and religion. Maybe I shouldn't even let him know I like him, but let him know I care about him abd his well being?

by the way to everyone I never said he didn't show interest in me. my sister swears he has shown it and she doesn't like him for that. he could be like me and because I am dating his brother has not showed interest because he feels it's wrong. I suppose then I would never truly know unless I came out and talked to him, or broke up with my boyfriend then talked to him


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  • You keep your distance. You've got a boyfriend, if you don't want a boyfriend you can dump him or something more drastic. Either way, I hope to never see you post something this stupid again.

    Don't worry I've already not cared about your downvoting, it does nothing in terms of positioning on this site (as if that actually matters to anyone willing to give you honest advice).

    • It just means your an asshole who likes being bull headed towards others that's all. The first sentence was fine the second one calling my post stupid, was stupid, you can't say anything like that without a proper explanation.

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    • What I'm saying is that I don't give half of a fuck what you think. You're a stupid attention seeking whore.

    • At least I don't choke on dicks and take it up the ass for a living ;) since were being so rude and immature here

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  • Based on the information, there is nothing to do with how his brother acts with you so I'm forced to say he has no feelings. He hasn't shown anything towards you, he dated someone else, and it's only how you feel.

    However, you clearly don't like his brother. Your with him for his looks and nothing more. And, lets imagine in 20 years time you are still together - his looks have faded and you aren't attracted to him. What do you have left?
    I'm just saying if looks is all you have, it's not enough for you to have a relationship. You're already looking elsewhere.

    Break up with him. It will give you both the chance to find someone you like, whether that's his brother or someone else.


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  • You should break up with him but dating his brother would be kinda scummy in my opinion. But if it is what will make you happy, go for it. Just realize that this may set the stage for future drama and chaos.

  • So are you saying guys and girls can't be "just friends" then

  • Because it's his brother is why he doesn't show you interest, you have to break up for awhile with his brother before he would even consider it and he would have to get the ok from his brother before attempting it. It's just like the saying "Bros before Hoes" . There is a bond there


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  • Why don't you break up with your boyfriend first and then tell his brother you like him

    • They both live in a different town I have the brothers phone number but I think that might be too forward

  • It's his brother... that could get messy. Are they close? I think you're playing with fire here.

    • very close. Playing with fire?