Kissing: Is it bad that I think it's gross?

I'm dating this guy, and he's GREAT! He's sweet and sensitive! He can be a little clingy, but that's OK most of the time. The problem is, we had our first kiss a few nights ago and it was pretty bad! I'm not saying it was might be me! I've kissed plenty of times before, and quite frankly, I've never really liked it that much. I don't know what to do because he thought it was really good! He see's it as a fun I think it's gonna be happening a lot! What can I do that will make me enjoy it more?

Too much slobber! I think he licked his lips before we kissed...a lot!


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  • ugh I kno wut you mean..

    i mean I love kissin my bf, but sometimes its seems to get too messy and its just sick.. usually wen he's really getting into it I'm really getting turnd off..

    wut I do is stop him and take the lead and kiss him soft and sexy and it cleans it up a bit :D

    • Exactly! But sounds like you have a good strategy! I might have to try that! Thanks SO MUCH!


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  • What do you mean by "bad"?

    Too sloppy, too neat, to wet, too dry, too little tongue, to much tongue, not enough passion?

    It would help us answer your question if we knew what was unappealing about the way he kissed.

  • flavored lip gloss


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  • I would play kissing games. Tell him to close his eyes and say he can't move. Start with little light kisses all over. Kiss his lips, chin, nose, eyes, ect... Have fun with it. It might be what you need to see what style of kissing you like. Let him know to dry kiss you. You know not so much slobber. Talk to him about what style of kissing turns you on.

    • Good idea! I did talk to him about it...I think that helped! We kissed yesterday and it was MUCH better! It was the right "moment". If that makes sense! It's much harder to enjoy it when it's awkward! Thanks for the suggestion!