So he's a bad kisser, what can I do?

OK, so they guy I'm dating is a pretty bad kisser. It's not too wet, which I like, but he never varies what he does so frankly it's kind of boring...So, what can I do to help him out? I don't want to say anything outright that would possibly hurt him. What should I say or do to help give kissing advice to him?


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  • It takes two to kiss. If he isn't varying what he is doing when you make out then take the lead. Take things in a different direction and make him follow.There's nothing that says one person or the other has to lead in the kissing. If he backs off or seems like he isn't enjoying himself then you can always talk to him. If you guys can't talk to each other about something as simple as kissing then you have a long way to go.

    • That is true. Maybe next time I will just take the lead and see what happens. Although I have only been in one relationship before so I don't feel experienced. But, I suppose if I know what I like I could probably try to make it better.

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  • Teach him!, he won't know he's bad till you tell him

  • Ask if they would like to "try something different" but really show them how you like to be kissed. This works if you want to be subtle and not hurt your partners feelings. I'm sry that's all I got, that's a super hard question


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