Girls, Do you like being taken care of by your boyfriend while sick or recovering from surgery?

My girlfriend is recently out of surgery (wisdom teeth) and at the moment she has not left the house unless she had to for a few tests over the past 4 days. I have brought her her favorite meals, did some chores, and her feminkne products when I was free. She said she doesn't want me to baby her anymore and said that she looks hideous and is embarrassed and said she would rather have her parents take care of her so I don't see her looking so bad.


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  • I love it when a guy takes care of me after something like that. Just make sure you don't hover, there's a difference. Taking care of as in bringing her things and spending quiet time with her; hovering as in constantly asking questions or offering her things she hasn't asked for. Good luck and if she says anything else about you seeing her while she looks bad compliment the hell out of her and say something so cheesy she forgets what you were talking about. Never stand for a girl not loving herself, it's one of the worst things she can do.


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  • I'm with her on this one. I want my guy to see me when I'm looking my best. It's hard to do that when your teeth are killing you and you feel terrible.

  • she's feeling insecure. Dont leave