Please help me out with this?

So I liked hhis girl for awhile and we were really good friends. Well we hung out a lot and thought we were dating then she got a boy friend. So we stayed friends. Well her and that boy dated about a year and they just broke up 3 weeks ago. My feelings for her have never went away. Before she dated that guy she broke up with a guy a month earlier and I was hesitant to ask her out so I think I lost out last time. I really want to ask her out but is it to soon? How would I ask her out?


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  • I would ease your way into it and see how receptive she is to it. As the other poster said I would try flirting subtly to see her reaction. If she still seems like she needs time I would just still talk to her in a friendly tone. You'll know when she is over it.

    • How can you tell if she's over it?

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    • That's why you have to flirt with her, or she may just think you're hanging out as friends.

    • How else to flirt? I've said she's beautiful and when we do hang I pay for stuff and open doors

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  • Depends on whether or not she's still hurt about it. If she seems fine then turn on ya charm and flirt.

    • I'm not sure. We went to diner with friends tonight. I can't tell if she's over him or not. They are still friends

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    • no problem bruh