Will I grow into liking this girl?

Its been a decent while since i broke up with my ex and i loved her to pieces. Its so weird dating someone new because im comparing her to my ex and i hate it. I feel like she isn't attractive enough to me, but i feel like the only reason for that is because im still trying to get over my ex. I like her a lot, and i really want to be with her. But i feel like its so hard. Its been only a couple of weeks, but will we grow into each other? Will i get over my ex? Dont tell me, "You shouldn't have dated her until you were over her". Because i am over her, i can't stay single forever because of my ex. I gotta try dating someone eventually.


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  • Yup that's exactly what I'm going through. I really loved my ex bad and now I'm with a guy that isn't anywhere near how my ex was and I admit I compare him at points. But honestly I think its the best way to get over somebody even if its hard at first but feelings eventually for the other person will fade... at least I hope so lol


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  • Calm down, you'll be fine bro. Whenever our brain falls in love, it's hard to get that person out of our head. Everytime I've been in love, I would have chose that girl over a playboy model. It's only been a couple of weeks, it takes me a long time to begin to like someone new and maybe you're the same. Strive to remember the flaws of your ex, and try to create memorable moments with your new girlfriend. But don't use her. If you seriously have no feelings for her, just tell her and break up. But you say you like her a lot and you want to be with her, so make it the best you can!


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  • I can't predict the future for you, darling (that costs extra), but I do know that you will get over your ex eventually. It might not be with the new person in your life, but you won't have to be single forever if you don't want to be.

    My only other piece of advice is to be upfront with this new person about having recently gotten out of a serious relationship. It won't be fair to them if you can't commit emotionally because of your baggage but if they're aware, they will be able to temper their expectations.

  • i would still wait, till you really get your stuff worked out.
    i personally wouldn't want to date guy who compared me to his ex and has to " grow" on to me


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