Should I leave or will it get better?

My girlfriend constantly has guys flirting with her and trying to get with her, some aren't that bad others get kinda obsessed and even try to touch her face, stalk her, etc. All that creepy shit. It's just kinda making me feel bad seeing all these guys after her. She is loyal and not a flirt, but nice, so when a guy says something like "you have pretty eyes" and because she's nice she says something like "thanks you too" which these dumbass guys think mean they have a in... It's just getting to be too much for me. Will it get better when she's out of high school or will it always happen to this extreme?


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  • If she is loyal to you and she doesn't flirt with them, what's your problem? Attractive girls get approached quite often by guys. You should learn to accept it.

    • The problem is how fast guys get obsessed over her. Like to the point of touching her, stalking her, never leaving her alone.

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