Guys, Do I sound like a good catch for a guy?

I have a full-time job, I'm very kind, sweet. People tell me I'm very approachable. I love animals (especially cats), my hobbies include going on walks, listening to music (I like a wide variety from rock to pop and most stuff in between), I love to cook and watch movies.

I'm a college graduate with a full-time job, I own my own car and have a pretty good idea of what I want out of life. I definitely want to get married someday and have kids.

Guys have told me that I'm attractive. I'm a bigger girl but many guys have told me from looking at my picture that they would still date me.

I'm fun and interesting (or so I'm told).

What do you guys think?

I also want to add: I'm laid back, understanding and shy. :P


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  • You seem to be someone that is organized and well sure of what you want. To me, that matters a lot. I also tend to fall for shy/sweet girls that also are funny and caring. There are plenty of different individuals searching for different aspects in a person so what they want in their partner differs according to their tastes. But well, you would indeed be a good catch :)


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  • You would tick a lot of guys boxes

  • Sure, I would go out with you.