Competition for a girl and a PlayStation 4?

why is there so much competition for a girl? it's like trying to get a PS4. both, a PS4 and a girl are in high demand in men, and have 5-6 guys hungry like bloodthirsty sharks.

why is it, when I'm pursuing a girl, or getting a PS4 (with cool limited edition features like design or games), are there other guys getting in my way?

I mean male competition. I see it when trying to get a girlfriend, and when trying to buy a PlayStation 4


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  • Because the best ones are worth it. Like a PS4 with the special features is rare and valuable, so is the right kind of girl. There are people standing in the way because they know a little competition is worth bringing home the best.


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  • How the hell is there competition for a girl? You go up and ask them out and they say yes or no. Other men (unless she's already in a relationship in which case you shouldn't chase after her at all) should not be involved in the equation at all. You don't have to compete for anything.


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  • Can you try and reword this? I'm not sure whether this makes sense or my brain is too tired to register what you're saying o. o

    • I'm saying that there's male competition for a girl, and for a ps4.

    • Oh it makes sense now (sorry, it is my tiredness).. Are you basically comparing girls with a PS4? If so don't say that to a girl face to face otherwise you'll find yourself a lonely single man.
      If you find decent girls they won't be any competition because she wouldn't let a load of guys chase after her. If there is a specific girl you're interested in then 'wow' her? Be romantic and buy her flowers and make her realise why you're the perfect man for her; then all the other guys will go away.
      Some girls want to feel wanted and loved, there could be 100 guys after her and only one guy could make her feel wanted and loved.

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  • Lol there's a lot of desperate guys out there my answer is don't waste your time on chicks with a fan base A. K. A guys who complement her 24/7 and say they would treat her like a queen xD haha it's funny at first then it gets sad...

  • Gta and chill