Am I too broken for dating?

I don't like to be touched. It makes me really anxious. And fooling around makes me feel like a dirty, worthless whore. But I don't think I have anything else to offer, so it's damned if I do, damned if I don't.

Am I just too broken for dating? Should I just stay alone?

I forgot to mention that if a guy is nice to me, I start feeling unattracted to them. I feel like either they're trying to fool me, or they actually like me. In which case, I feel like something has to be really wrong with them for them to feel that way about me. It's not even on a conscious level of thought, it's subconscious.

Then I find myself being attracted to abusive men who are emotionally unavailable and just want to use me. I guess I feel like that makes them normal then.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd say see a therapist. If you can't date someone who is good for you then you'd be better off try to fix what ales you. An abusive relationship, be it physical or emotional, is not a healthy decision to make. You owe to yourself to seek out what's best for you. Don't sell yourself short.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You are not too broken for dating, don't be silly. You just need someone who will be patient enough to wait for a while before you're ready for physical intimacy.


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  • Seek therapy. You can't seriously expect to have a normal love life if you can't let anyone touch you, can you?


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  • you have a lot to offer, love. just like anybody else.
    time will heal and fix you, but it sounds like all you really need now is to set yourself free. enjoy life & have fun. dating isn't everything.