Should I move out or not?

im 23 and live at home in my hometown, and im a student, currently im doubting if i should go to another city and live there just for a change and maybe a few new friends or if i should get my own place in my hometown close to family. My brother said i should stay close to family and not go to another city, but i feel like im extremely bored... what can i do?


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  • Don't ever make decisions based on boredom. Think things through.

    • explain

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    • so you need a ''a reason'' to move

  • Move out, it's not simple but you will never stand on your own if you don't live on your own.

    • yeah but in hometown or a new city?

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    • its just that i have seen everything here

    • If that's the only reason then I would think deeply if moving out is really necessary, don't make hasty decisions.

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