How many people do you know that have liked you in your life? And how many of them did you date?

I know a total of 2 girls who I think have liked me in my life. One time in High School this one girl told me she wanted to hang out with me during the weekend. I said no because I didn't have a car plus she was a popular cheerleader so I thought she'd be turned off by that. She always flirted with me in class which was strange because I was never responsive due to being shocked that a girl was giving me this kind of attention. Another girl who liked me was a girl later in college who sent me a request on Facebook. Later, I ended up deleting her cause I thought it was no use of keeping a person who I don't talk to in my Facebook. After that, she told people I like her and stare at her which was odd because I didn't and wasn't attracted to her at all. She wasn't my type since she was pretty overweight. It's not 100% sure that they liked me but I'm pretty sure they did. Besides these 2, I've never had any other girl liking me, flirting with me, or giving me any sort of attention.

Any more answers?


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  • More than I can count but that comes with being a girl lol so it's not a fair comparison.
    I get approached often and I work with a lot of customers so they always talk to me and ask me out as well.

    If you mean by actually getting to know me and not from appearances only then i've been out with a lot of guys on dates but I never made it past the first date with the majority of them, I just feel like I have nothing in common with men where i'm from.

    I've only actually dated two men my entire life and they've both been long distance relationships.


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  • Well I get those weird people walk up to me here and then but the only person I've actually known that likes me is a vain asshole so I would be very surprised if he was actually serious because I'm pretty sure the only person he really likes is himself & he would probably just wanna be with me to show off or have me as a trophy. 😒

  • I'm not sure how many people liked me. It was a lot once i got into high school but i only dated two, still with one of them...


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  • yup, one girl in 11th class, that was the first and last girl i kissed lol