Do you make eye contact with random people and how do you react if you don't like someone you have locked eyes with?


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  • Yes.
    Eye contact is important during a conversation. Yet too much contact might creep someone out.
    The time you should look into someones eyes is about the time it takes to notice that persons eye colour.

    If the person you make contact with is a stranger either one of you will be creeped and look away or one will start a conversation. (most likely)

    When I lock eyes with someone I don't like i just simply look away or make an annoyed face.


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  • All the time, it's a side effect of being a people watcher 😃 & stare for a few seconds then look away rolling my eyes. It's effective 😊


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  • Yes always. And if it becomes uncomfortable I will continue making eye contact with them until they look away and than I won't reconnect eye contact with them after that.