Does he want to make me jealous or just don't like me?

The guy I have a crush on knows my feelings for him. I know it's not common but I'm black and his Asian. He has started to talk to a Asian girl who wears a curly Afro wig, kind of weird. Does he like her or is he with her because he thinks I will be jealous of him with a girl that has curly hair like me. by the way this girl is not mix with black. To each is own but I find it strange that he chose that one. Anyways my feelings are hurt tho but what can I do. This dude acted like he liked me and stared at me everyday! And I was really feeling him too :(


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  • I honestly believe that men don't try to make women jealous, unless it's an immature man who has been rejected and then tries to chat up another woman right in the "rejecter" woman's face or something like that. I do think it's strange she would wear an Afro wig, though. Tend to think he is not interested in you more than anything.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think he's actually trying to make you jealous. Maybe he is interested in her as well.