What does it mean when a guy texts you "hey you"?

So I've been texting with this guy for the past month, and I have felt that he wasn't all that interested in me. We both would equally initiate texts, but it felt like I was the only one keeping the conversations going. And his answers would be short and vague. He would also take hours to respond.

I had last spoken to him last night and I decided not to text him today. Usually we text throughout the day. He didn't text me all day, but then he texted me around 10:30 when he usually gets off of work and said, "hey you". I replied back, but I didn't keep the conversation going. I was surprised to see that he was keeping the conversation going and that he responded right away. What does this mean? I took it as he was waiting for me to text all day, but when he realized that I wasn't going to he decided to send that response? I could be wrong. Help me out people!


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  • It's a vague way of saying "I want your attention"


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  • It's hard to come to any conclusion over such potentially trivial changes, but I'd say there's a fair chance he actually realised he wants to talk to you. If he was being so disinterested beforehand, this is definitely a stark difference. I wouldn't go drawing grand assumptions about it, but perhaps try the same thing another day and see what happens.

    • Yeah. I don't plan on texting him first anymore. I don't want to continue to put in effort if he hasn't really shown me that he is truly interested. He didn't respond to my last text, but I think he may have fallen asleep. I'm not going to text him again until he responds.

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  • Hey, I haven't talked you in a while. How have you been? id assume.


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  • He's interested in you. If he wasn't he wouldn't have texted you. He likes you. You're a pretty girl so no surprise.

    • Thanks for your response. And thank you for the compliment, you're pretty as well! 😊 But hejust confusing. He is a semi-famous hip-hop dancer who has traveled the world. He is used to having beautiful women chase him. So I don't think he is used to having to do the work.

    • Which makes it even that more telling that he's into you. Plus you're probably not like those other chicks and that's probably what he likes about you too. You don't come off as the desperate/thirsty type.

    • Hm, I never thought about that! That's a good point. Yeah I'm definitely not desperate or thirsty. I'm very independent. Most men who talk to me get frustrated with me because I'm usually the one that takes a long time to reply. Lol. So this is totally different for me.