Talking to a guy online. How soon should I tell him I'm a virgin?

Talking to this guy online. He's very sweet, easy going, and seems genuinely interested in me. He hasn't brought up anything sexual yet, but I don't know when or how to tell him I'm a virgin in my very late twenties? What if he asks about past relationships? I've got minimal experience with that too. Any suggestions as to make this as easy as possible? I really don't want tomake a big deal about it, and I'm not waiting for marriage, just a guy I love and trust.

Things are going well and we're meeting soon. Thanks I'll wait until we meet and have a connection. He's so sweet and I enjoy talking to him but do you ever feel like its too good to be true?


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  • Wait to tell him in person. Not the first time you meet but when you think it's getting serious.


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  • I would wait until you're face to face and you've decided there's potential for a relationship, it's really none of his business until then. He might be surprised a bit but, if he's in it for the long haul it won't deter him. I'd think about telling him 3rd or 4th date if you two have a good connection established. If you don't connect there's no reason to tell him since you're waiting for love anyway.

  • Meet in person before you continue to progress w/ just language.


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