Does he have weird intentions?

This guy I started talking two for almost a week now. Wants me to come over to his house for a weeknd and stay there. I never met him. He says we don't have to have Sex. Should I do it? And he said he loves me already?


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  • I agree with the last three opinions on here. There's something wrong with this dude (never mind the fact that he's a relative stranger).
    There's a slight chance that he thinks he means it (but even stalkers think they love their victims). More likely, he's trying to play you.
    Regardless, you're in a very vulnerable position with a man you don't know and who hasn't earned your trust yet. Please don't put your personal safety at risk.


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  • yea this guy has weird intentions, to say he loves you is way too soon, and to be honest a little creepy. If you have never met him and going to his house.. I wouldn't reccomend doing that. be safe and say you can't. or if you want to do a test, say lets go out in public and see his reaction. if he is rude about it and is saying no, then chances are his intentions are towards something else.. if you get what i'm trying to say.

  • Did you meet him on here?

  • I wouldn't trust him. Two weeks is kind of early for someone to profess their love for someone else.

    You shouldn't stay with him for the weekend. Very bad idea!