My mom thinks I should date around?

She says that since I'm in college I shouldn't try to settle down with anyone when now is the 'time to have fun'. And that I have all the time in the world to meet the right guy. Is she right? Should I not get so serious with a guy when I'm only 20?


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  • My personal opinion.. I agree with her.. don't.. whore out.. but if you can get out there and date people you will find out what you like and dislike in a partner.. so down the road.. when you do start looking for a settle down guy you'll know what to look for better.

    I think guys and girls should all do this.. I think that getting married at younger ages like below say.. 25? doesn't allow a person to fully mentally mature.. and therefore things that he/she likes may change..

    I hope I am making sense.. and I hope my opinion helps.


What Girls Said 1

  • Mom's always right.