How does tinder work?

So basically there aren't really any normal girls on it anymore. Most are just looking for sex it seems. How does it work anyways? Most of these unmatch me within 10 minutes after sending me a link if I don't respond. I wouldn't ever hookup with one of these girls, but just wondering how it all works. A year ago I actually went on a few dates with girls i met from this app.

It's basically a prostitution site now it seems from what I can tell.


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  • Your guess is as good as mine. I don't and never will use Tinder. I do know people that use it, and they only use it to hook up for sex, no relationships. I am awkward and don't know many people, so dating can be tough. I tried a legit dating site once (where you pay a monthly fee) and it was so bad. Hardly any matches, and when I tried messaging, I got nothing back.

    The guys messaging me all wanted sex. There was no connection; it sounded like a lot of copy & paste answers (some didn't even make sense to what I asked). It's like they just wanted a quick hook up and go. I stopped going on to dating sites, I remain single. I'm not entirely sure what to do.

    If you are looking for just sex, I guess you can keep trying. But if not, I'd delete the app and try something else. What else... I am not sure yet.

    • In the beginning I talked to more girls on tinder then I did on POF. I paid for POF and I had to send like 50-75 messages to get a response back. I spent hours on end giving personalized messages based on what I saw in the profile. The nice thing about Tinder was I could just swipe instead of writing a whole message. I'm in the same boat as you. If I go out somewhere and approach a random girl they are so caught off guard and relunctant to give out there number to a stranger. Not sure why, they can easily block the number if the guy turns out to be a weirdo and texts too much. It seems Tinder is ruined now. I don't think these girls I match with are real, they're just bots that try to bring traffic into a 3rd party hookup website.

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    • Those are good points. I actually don't give out my phone number to strangers, been there done that and it was a huge hassle. I gave a guy on Match my cell and he would call late at night, like 12-2AM. I feel better giving them my email first for a while before giving my number. I think you are right about a large amount of users being bots, though.
      I don't do casual sex, so I wouldn't know. But that would be super awkward if other guys were to come over to a girl's house while she was hooking up with another guy. Who knows what could happen then.

    • I used to frequently approach girls I see throughout my daily routine, but never had any luck cause I guess like you said im a stranger so they will make up an excuse and say they have a boyfriend or something. Maybe I'll try asking for email. I guess I can use a notepad app on my phone and have her type it in.

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  • 1. Very busy engineers/doctors/investment bankers that have no time for anything in their life. Zero time.
    2. Very shy/anxiety guys
    3. Below average girls that are ready to be smashed by thirsty guys.

    • I don't think it's free anymore. They all want you to sign up on some website. I used to have girls just give me their actual phone numbers. Now girls give me their phone number, but it's a weird area code and they want me to go to some link. A year ago it used to only be like 10 percent of the girls looking for sex like that, the rest were actually looking to meet a nice guy.

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  • It's a hook up app of course we're just looking for sex. Get outta here with that relationship shit.

    • Didn't know girls were such shores these days

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    • Nah just not something I'm interested in at present time.

    • I was like that through high school. I thought girls were immature and was too busy doing other things. Now I've finally started an interest in women and dating, but haven't had much luck finding a good girl.

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  • Most looking for sex? Most of the girls I've matched with are not looking for sex :(
    It's full of bots, that's true.
    I also wonder what Tinder is good for, I've met a few girls from there, but the majority aren't worth my time.

  • yeah if you get a match that just offers up her number, kik, or wants you to go to some website in her very first message, then that's just a spam account

    • Those are the only ones who respond pretty much.

    • I only pretty much get matches from bots.

  • The ones that unmatched were

  • yeah the apps gone to poop now there is no point with it anymore, its mostly filled with bots, i suggest you dont use it its a waste of time