How do you kiss? I haven't had my first kiss and I'm scared that I will mess up when my boyfriend kisses me.


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  • First off, you might wanna use some lip balm to soften your lips and some mint to freshen up your breath, especially if it is going to be your first kiss.

    Don't hurry and neither should he, so give him appropriate signs that you are or you are NOT ready to have your first kiss.

    Once you are ready, be slow and smooth. You can hold his head gently and play with his hair in the meantime to not only keep your hands busy, but to guide his movements too. Until your lips touch, you can keep an eye contact and close your eyes as you start kissing to feel the kiss even better.

    Be gentle during your first kiss. Don't press too hard on to his lips with yours. Just let them touch his lips gently. Pause the kiss momentarily without getting too far from his lips, which can also help you take a breath and then if you and he want to kiss more, get your lips together again. Make sure to keep it gentle and soft.

    I guess that should help to get you started with your first kiss.


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  • Tell him the truth, you haven't had your first kiss yet and you want to learn I guess, but you're afraid you're gonna be a failure, he'll probably be more than happy that he'll be your first.

  • So darling, don't miss it. There is no harm trying and it is totally normal to kiss a guy. You love him & he loves you too :> Sooner or later you still need to kiss guys in future. Good luck!

  • I haven't had my first kiss yet either and I am nervous just like you!