Girls How did you learn not to objecftify men?

I've just learned that I might objectify men... and generalize them really badly. I thought they all wanted sex and to leave someone and didn't care for loving someone or having intimacy i guess.
I know thats horrible, and i dont want to always believe this, its just happened to me a lot.
I usually just hang out with guys who have a good standing with there work who may be useful in networking or what ever, never guys to different from me (i assume theyre pompus a holes).

So I'm not sure what the correct view or sort of healthy view is. Because i think men a monsterswho want sex and no relationships, i sort of seem cold.

Have you gone through this? how do you get out of it?


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  • This is a great example of how gender stereotypes can negatively effect men as well as women. Men are expected to be this emotionless, sex-animal-matching with no self control- Does that sound positive to you?

    I think girls learn it the same way guys do, media. Movies, TV, magazines- they all paint us how we should behave based on our genders, guys do this and girls do that. Guys just want sex with no emotional attachment, women just want a cuddle buddy who buys them things and don't enjoy sex or else she is a slut.

    I wish more people saw how gender roles hurt both sexes.

    • matching=machine

    • I didn't consider that... I thought it was just me though, how do they hurt stereotypes? I learned from guys though lol

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  • Think you mean stereotype rather than objectify.
    I think you haven't yet dealt with past hurt and maybe haven't learned to be happy with you. Love yourself first then make others earn the love you have to offer - that will screen out the a holes that prey on women with low self esteem


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  • In what way do you objectify men? It doesn't sound like you objectify them but instead dislike them.

    • I don't expect them to want to do anything but use me, so I hardly give them time , and offer them a time to hook up and seem cold that way. I also ignore them if I don't think they can help me in the future

  • I don't want a relationship, but I'm honest about it. It's the woman's problem if she can't accept that.

    • I agree, it is the woman's problem if she can't accept that. A man is not obligated to date a woman just because a woman wants it.

    • And there's nothing wrong with that... answer my question? Apparently I objectify and just expect guys want sex and nothing else

    • But I do want a relationship apparently this view scares guys and I'm cold

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  • Yes I do... I don't know why I think this way as well. In fact someone block me today just because i said the same thing.

  • I don't objectify them.
    I am aware of their intention. It depends on the guy. Everyone is different.