Do you think he likes me or am I just in the friend zone?

So I have a crush on this guy and he always texts me, teases me, and told my friend he used to like me but doesn't anymore and that he likes this other girl but I don't know if he's lying or not, cause he always texts me first everyday and sits with my friends and I at lunch. Plus he got my number from a friend instead of me so I don't know if he does have a crush on me or if I'm still in the "Friend zone"? Opinions please!


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  • He is unlikely to be lying. Guys never really truly completely forget about their past loved ones. Even if guys got over the girl, he will still do his best to maintain the platonic friendship with the girl.

    Does he like you? Unlikely. Are you in the friend zone? Not necessarily.

    • So I'm just kinda in between things then... Right?

    • Yes, you are kinda in between things.

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  • Yes, I think he likes you. Why? Because he teases you all the time, he texts you and he got your number from a friend. As for him, not liking you anymore, it's probably due to the fact that you never showed him interested before. However, I am certain that he is still into you.


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  • Friends. But it's okay.


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