Girls would you like to be pampered by your boyfriend, would you like for him to pay for everything, and shower you with gifts? Or not?


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  • Noooo not unless there is mutual pampering!

    I don't mind little gifts or surprises once in a while, but I wouldn't want to be showered in them. I wouldn't like him always paying for everything either... I make my own money, so we usually split the bill unless it's like a birthday or something.

    I don't say no if my boyfriend wants to treat me once in a while... it makes him happy and I do it for him sometimes too. I just wouldn't want it to be something that happens all the time. I don't want to be spoiled... constant gifts makes each one less special. Just getting them once in a while makes all of them special.


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  • No of course not. Shower me with gifts all the time etc etc is just utopic and unecessary.
    I just want sincerity. I want them to be comfortable with me. Then i can be comfortable too.

  • If I had a boyfriend I wouldn't want him to pamper me like I'm a princess, I just want to be respected. I can afford to buy my own things, but if it's like a birthday gift or something that's fine.

  • No, absolutely NOT. I feel I couldn't live with myself if that would happen. In Christmas and birthday + few other occations would be nice to have a gift but like every week? NOPE


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