Why do I keep doing this to myself?

so one of my really good friends is dating this guy that I have started to have a crush on. me and this guy keep texting and sitting with each other at school and stuff, and he kinda flirts with me a little. yesterday were texting and he asked me who I liked and like an idiot I told him the name of a guy that's his best friend... and I just don't know what I should do in this situation bc yes I kinda like his friend but I also like him way more... and he's dating my friend.


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  • Nothing wrong with a little flirting, as long as you draw a line out of respect for your friend. Crush or not. Also, keep in mind that if he can flirt with you while dating someone else, if your crush were to date you, he'd probably flirt with another. That should be a red flag in itself.


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  • He is cheating and you're responding to it despite you know he is with someone else, worse is, it's your friend. Perfect match I say, keep it up. Here, take this medal of shame. ;)

    • thanks for making me feel worse than I already do

    • Sorry... :( Okay, please do not entertain his initiations next time, okay? Because it's not good. You are better than it. You deserve better. I hope the best for you. :( Sorry pretty girl.

    • thanks. but it's just that he was my friend before she was and its just hard for me because idk🙃

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  • Are you a drama queen by chance? If so maybe you are doing this because it would cause drama. Maybe you only like your friends boyfriend because you hang out with him more and just need to get to know the other guy better. Either way, I would stop spending so much time with your friends boyfriend before it goes too far.

    • I'm not just going to stop that bc I was friends with him before I was friends with him