Why can't I kiss my boyfriend?

My boo and I have been together for about a month. We've only kissed once, at that was at my doorstep. About a week ago we were hanging out on his bed and like sitting and laying down together, but we didn't kiss at all. I mean, I'm nervous to kiss him, but why can't I? Because I can't does that mean I'm not ready? I know he's nervous too because he hasn't tried to kiss me more either. Am I not ready to make out with him or do I just need to jump and do it?


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  • I could not disagree more with the "remedy" suggested by the first guy. If you are nervous, then just try to push yourself one step forward. I think that you should just take the plunge and kiss him. I promise that no harm will come from it. =)


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  • Hahaha your boo? Hahaha that's cute. Let me just say that if unless your in middle school, this should not happen. You need to learn to be comfortable expressing yourselves sexually. Talk about with him. Talk to a relationship coach. I say next time y'all are on the bed you just go down on him and just throw the door wide open, but that's just me. One thing women should realize is that a blow job can solve ANYthing. Except for cheating.


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  • You just need to jump in and do it. He's nervous. Because he thinks you are. You are ready. You'll be happy wit the outcome.