My Senpai is emo?

I like this guy, of whom I call my Senpai. I suppose you know what that means if you're here? Well if you don't, just look it up on google. Anyways, Senpai is emo, but I like that... I guess you could say I'm emo. He, all the time, wears band t-shirts like Pierce the Veil or Black Veil Brides. But what really caught my attention was the My Chemical Romance shirt he was wearing one day. I love MCR, its prob my favorite band :DDD Uh... Anyways, I remember passing him one day, and we were both wearing an MCR shirt... We just walked past eachother awkwardly... But I'm interested in Senpai, and I kinda wanna start talking to him.. Sorry if I'm just blabbering, but too bad, you're the one to click on this question :3 I know very well that I would be too shy to ever talk to him. I at least want to be noticed by Senpai :3 I'm not a yandere by any mean though, so don't call the cops... And don't just say "Just talk to him about bands lol" because I DONT KNOW HOW! Stupid, I know. I would just be too shy to do it. Yes, I have a problem. Maybe you can help me? 'Cause I would like to get to know him better, and at the very least be friends with him. He goes to another school, but there are three schools that share one building... Its a really big school tho. His school and mine share his school's Gym and so the only class we have together is PE. And of course, thats the only time I ever see him too. Anyways, uh, maybe somehow you could help? Uhm, I don't exactly know how to talk to him...


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