Is she being friendly or affectionate towards me?

I'm a guy, I'm 16 and a junior in high school. There's this girl I like I met four weeks ago. She's in a few of my classes. She touches me a lot, she hugs me, leans against me, and when we went to my friends house together when we were talking while we were laying down on the bed, she cuddled with me. Is she being friendly or affectionate towards me?


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  • Umm, she sounds attracted to you. I wouldn't do any of those things if I didn't like someone. But then again, people are different...

    • people differ from one-another.*

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  • Is she touchy with other people too? Or just you? If she's only like that with you, then it's probably a good idea to assume she likes you.


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  • Dude she is being affectionate towards you , but remember just play the friends game until and unless she confess it to you okay so do what you are doing but act like you don't know what she is doing