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OK here's my issue. My boyfriend and I hv been together 1.5 years and in that time have broke up 6 .. Yes 6 times... Why? He says I'm jealous, I am not.. At times I think I should be priority. anyhoo skip to now.. We broke up in may back together in July. All was well and I discovered a profile on a social media page he had but never used, and picture changed.. It had sexual innuendo. So I figured he was using this profile. I asked him about it and he said it was nothing. I was getting suspicious why wouldn't he add me? We had been having an imbalance with sex life. I am more into it more than he. Ie no am sex.. always bedntime. he doesn't like me initiating. Sorry he's not usento it.. Etc. Anyhoo he disclosed finally that he created a group on this social media site. It is closed... It is an adult 18 up humpur offensuve group. He disclosed some of his work., he makes his own stuff.. It abides by the rules of the site but very sexual content. We have argued. How can he talk about it and post girls in bikinis all day long with sexual content made by him, but he doesn't want me. He said he does and tells me all of the time. It is getting so bad he's threatened to leave the relationship telling me he can't take it, he explained over and over it isn't about sex.. It's what people want to see.. isn't turning him on, its what people want to see. He said he doesn't find it sexy. He does it because it's what people want to see and he gets good response. Many many have joined this group 3k. I didn't. He created this group when we split in may and didn't telle. I found out.. And he didn't want me to be a part of it.. So much so he told a girl he's never met but obviously talks to her, that if I tried to join, not to accept as there have been jealousy issues.. I was floored.. Why would I try to join? I kept getting more angry as here I am wanting to be desired and wante


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  • These on off relationships never work in the end. Dump this ass


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  • He clearly is not interested in having an open and honest relationship. he's hiding things and lying to you. Cut your losses.