Why are "bad guys" more appealing?

It's ironic how most of you guys believe they should act bad to be attractive. Like congrats for cheating on your girlfriend, flirting with alll girls and having multiple sex partners including your own girlfriend. The bad guy gets most of the attention while the nice guy watches. He's annoyed and extremely irritated then he goes on GAG and asks a question regarding that topic. Now we girls have a lot to say to about that.
My first advice to any guy who is either being too nice or too bad is not listen to dating experts online. They'll tell you to smell good, shave and take a shower. Gosh nobody knew how to do all that Read self-help books or a better name for that is self-development books. First of all, what is nice? (of a person) good-natured; kind. Anyone in the world can be nice. It's a trait that we can all have but why do some guys who have them get less attention? Excluding physical attractiveness by the way anyone can be physically attractive. You dont have to be a Brad Pitt. You just have to take care of your looks and body.

So an answer to the question is because some nice guys come off as desperate and insecure.
For instance, there is this guy who likes me who is so handome, has a good body and is such a gentleman but he used to call me 3 times a day and if i dont answer it's a nine until i told him to stop and he asked,"am i mean?" On top of that, he told me that around his friends he can be very angry over little things. Come on! I want to see real emotions! He acts so polite and nice in a way that is abit fake. He can also be very clingy. Now that's an example of how girls see "too nice guys" That's not my opinion alone that's like most of the girls' opinions. There is another guy who is less physically attractive than the guy i talked about but he's popular and is a skateboarder. He is not a gentlemen and he cheats on girls but what makes girls fall for him is the superiority complex. The "hey you're gonna fall for me tonight ki


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  • Thanks for your honesty, and for sharing this information with us. I'm pretty sure the superiority complex stops being attractive when a girl grows older, though, since she must get sick of falling for the wrong guys at some point in her life. I understand the part of the guy who calls you three times a day: that would bother me if it were a girl, also. In fact, I don't think very highly of someone who is that desperate: it doesn't reveal real affection, but more like an obsession.


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  • Thanks for the insight. I always go for genuine, I dont want to be fake and I thing the bad guy thing is stupid. Most of them are losers who think they have a right to say and do whatever they want. Of course, being genuine is easier said than done these days

  • Cuz chiks are shallow bitches


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