My boyfriend is so cheap I dont feel like im worth anything to him? advice?

I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years. I love him he makes me feel so beautiful. But he's so cheap. We both have jobs but he makes about 300$ more than me. I dont expect him to pay/ buy me everything. But we haven't been on a nice date since my bday in April. Everytime i want to go to the zoo or bowling or laser tag with him he says its to much money or wants me to pay half. If he does give in he complains the next day.. Its not like he doesn't ever buy me things but if it is it cheap. He buys me a bunch of jewelry that is really cheap and changes color after i wear it once. Also he lost him mom about a month agao so he has no motivation to do anything. he refuses to talk to me about anything and i feel like im left out. Some times i dont feel like im worth a nice dinner or lunch date. Any advice? I dont want to break up with him i want to work it out. And i know right now he's in a hard situation. Any advice?


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  • Why are you complaining about him wanting you to pay half? What happened to "equality". Oh that's right... women only want equality IF it benefits THEM.

    Sorry, but that had to be said. We really need to put an end to female hypocrisy.


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  • Break up with him. He doesn't deserve you. He DEFINITELY doesn't deserve to have to deal with a materialistic bitch of a girlfriend who believes that fancy dates and jewelry are something he owes you. So dump him, for his sake so that he doesn't have to deal with you.


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  • Why are you so cheap that you have a problem with paying half?


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  • you want equality, you got it
    why you complain about paying half?