Would a shy white girl be intimidated by a mexican guy with piercings?

This girl at work was sitting next to me the other day and I could tell that she was occasionally looking at me. So shy girls would you be intimidated if a mexican guy with piercings, who is also kind of shy, came up to you and tried flirting/talking to you?


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  • Depends entirely on the girl.. But for me no. I am very shy and I appreciate a guy making the first move.

    • And a shygirl wouldn't be att all intimidated by piercings?

    • No. Any type of girl can be shy. I have a lot of piercings but one may not guess it since mine are all petite ones or hidden (tongue and belly).

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  • Piercings aren't intimidating. Mexicans aren't intimidating. Why would the combination of the two scare her? She might be a little freaked out if you're one of those guys with like 30 studs in your face, but i don't really see the issue if that's not the case.

    • Honestly that makesbsense to guysbut I wouldn't be able to say I know how shy girls think. I mean some shy people can't even speak to strangers so...

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