Hang out with a guy and he doesn't text you the next day?

I've been talking and flirting with this guy. He is 6 years older than I am (27) and is extremely busy getting his phd.
Saturday night he messaged me and said he was at the same bar I was and told me I should go sit with him and his best friend.
Well we talked and everything went well and I think he likes me the thing is, he didn't text me the next day or anything. Now I've noticed he's not a big texter but like still! I haven't heard from him at all.


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  • There's no rule that he has to text you the next day. People are busy, he might be busy working on his studies to get his PhD?


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  • It's only been one day. We assume that because people have cell phones on them at all times that they should be available to text right away. As you said, he is extremely busy. Give it time, and if he doesn't text in a few days then move on.

    • I was going to comment but your answer is a lot better then what I was going to write.


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  • Try reaching out for him, if you want him to take you out. Don't be conscious about the label ''desperate''. Honestly, when a woman texts or calls me, i'm glad that she does so because it's honest, and comes from her true heart that she's willing to do something for the possibly romantic relationship.

  • text him... many times the guy is waiting on ur text as well.


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