Girls, What personality and apperance is appealing when you first meet a guy?

Hi Guys, I've started thinking I might need to change my apperance or personality to get a date. I don't think the way I dress and carry my self is attractive or what ever it needs to be for a girl to give me her number. My mates tell me I'm pretty funny and I have been told I a nice guy by my friend girlfriends but... It is either when I ask for a phone number I'm seeing some one or you give me yours. Most of my friends are with someone and honestly it sounds like fun. I feel as if I don't change my tactics it may never happen. It's a bit awkward as I don't want to third wheel when my friends go out with there girlfriend so lately I just go out and do stuff on my own which is honstely quiet depressing... Any advice? Or is it a lost cause you can't change who you are?


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  • i think you need to be genuine and sincere... thats what i like :)

  • personality: confident, certain, sincere, warm
    *i would say when you meet a girl go in with a mindset that you thought she was cool and just want to get to know her better. and don't give her a choice in the matter whether she'll like you or not. that's the certainty part.

    appearance: fashion-wise, a clean appearance, nothing metrosexual or hipster