Is it not weird when someone that you just started dating drive your car?

Ok.. I went out with a guy for the third time on Saturday. We were in a movie theater. When wanted to leave, it was raining cats and dogs outside. He said he would bring my car to me so I don't get wet or fell down walking with heels on in the rain. I said ok. He brought the car but he didn't let me drive! I was ok because there were lots of cars and crowd behind my car. He took us to a restaurant and he didn't give me the keys. When we left the restaurant he walked to the driver door and was ready to drive! I was like can I drive my car please? and he gave me my keys. I felt soooooo bad. I do not know why but what he did bothered me so much. After that I feel like I do not wanna talk to him and I feel I'm pissed anytime he tries to call or text. Would you guys feel the same if that happened to you?


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  • I get the first part. He was being a gentleman in getting wet and since he was already behind the wheel it's more convenient to pull up and have you get in the passenger side. But at the restaurant he should've given your keys back. Where was his car?
    If I'm with my boyfriend, and we are using my car, I prefer he drives and I think he prefers it too, it's a guy thing.

    • My ex used to drive my car more than his but I didn't care because he was my boyfriend. This guy is just a date now. This is the thing, all the three dates he never drove his car, His friend gives him the ride all time.

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    • Well, he may be embarrassed about his car or lack of, if aside from him driving do you like the guy? Have a good time? If so, I'd say so what's up with your car? Why is your buddy always dropping you off? If the driving thing was the last straw, forget him.

    • Thank you for the advice


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  • hihi... :) I feel you. He is just being a gentleman and most probably unaware what he does makes you feel very uncomfortable. I understand how you feel. You don't like what he does because it feels rude for you, especially that you don't know him that much and both of you have just started dating. And also, possibly, you are protective of what's yours and hate it when people use your things without even asking, it makes your blood boil. I would feel too yes especially now that there's gender equality and common sense to ask permission first, even they're only trying to be polite in doing such things.

    • you really feel me! I don't like it when someone use my thing without asking me first! I feel like I can't even answer his messages after that night

  • Sounds like friends of mine back in high school. These guys never wanted a female to drive them. If th girl has a car it was just customary to let the boyfriend drive so the female can relax in the passenger seat. I was different because I would actually let females drive my car while I rode in the passenger seat. Sometimes its nice to get out of the drivers seat and let someone else do the driving. THe thing is this guy is either being super nice stupid. He could be an undercover Male chauvinist and if you dont let him drive anymore eventually he will lose your number. The third kind is the psychopath type that falls in love with driving your car and when you take that away from him he becomes absessed and may cut your tires, cut your brakes or steal it

  • Im not sure I would feel comfortable driving your car on a 3rd date. why he wouldn't just give your keys back is kinda odd.

    • yeah he was using the car like it was his, in the way to the restaurant he stopped by a gas station to get cigarettes and he took the keys with him.
      What he did made me feel uncomfortable

    • even when I've driven my parents cars I have given the keys back right away. If you were married/engaged/ dating long term it would be understandable.

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  • Not at all. Some guys feel it's sort of the man's "job" to drive, especially ones a little older. First date I had with my boyfriend, I tossed him the keys because there was no parking and the only spots were parallel parking... which I suck at.

    I'm odd though, I hate driving to start with.

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