Some1 please be genuine and help me with this, this internal issues may end my relationship, and I need to know other's views before I ruin myself?

i have a great boyfriend, and he is wonderful to me, possibly the best lover i have ever had, however as of lately i have been seeing little old things from his past relationship, and its been bugging me, pics, cards, etc in his parents house ( he lives with me now ) ( old stuff) sex video, lingerie, etc really bugging me, i tell him how much it bugs me and he says its the past, bla bla and gets rid of it, ok... HOWEVER, there are A LOT of similarities from his past, in our relationship, so it makes me feel that there isn't really anything special between us, i can almost assume he was the same loving person to her as he is with me, so in the middle of an altercation i said, these are the same diamond earrings you even bought her, and he said. so? thats the past, and ever since i can't get over it, i even cried on my way to work because im literary shutting down on him, i dont want to be around him, i feel vulnerable that i open myself so much to love someone who i have a feeling just duplicates relationships...


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  • He loves you, cares about you and your problem is that he loved and cared about his previous girlfriends too? Grow a pair and face the fact that you're happy. No relationship is "special" betwee any two people, it's only something you make up in your mind. You have a good relationship, just keep it going.


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  • Try telling him that if he isn't going to respect your wishes then your going to break up because this isn't the way you want the relationship to be


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  • 'Duplicating' relationships? My goodness, you're blowing things way out of proportion! He seems to be a really kind and loving boyfriend. For some reason, you're just picking ways of trying to convince yourself that he isn't dedicated to you.

    • never said he wasn't, if someone tells you how you are their first love and how you are their everything and u find something from her to an ex stating the same exact words how would that make you feel, u obv missed the point here. I needed an opinion how to cope with the issue at hand, so I don't ruin my relationship not an idiotic comment that takes me nowhere

    • You're being so ambiguous with your question, and still proceed to call my answer 'idiotic'.

      But yeah, if he said that you are his 'first love' and had also said the same to his ex, then there is a problem. You had never mentioned this fact in your original question, but still promptly said my answer was 'idiotic'.

      Try having a serious, hearltfelt talk with him, and how you're feeling due to his ex constantly coming up. Hopefully, he'll understand and you both can work out a compromise.

  • Why do women do this? Why do they make something out of little to nothing? I love how you emphasized that he bought her diamond earrings. WHY DO WOMEN WANT MATERIAL THINGS?


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