Why do women on dating sites sign up if they never intend to go on dates?

So I've been trying online dating for about 2 years, extreamely unsuccessful. However I have noticed something. On OKCupidyou answer questions to match you with other user, one of those questions is "How willing are you to meet up with someone from OKCupid in person?" And I am surprised how many women reply with "I am not willing to meet in person". I don't get it, why be on a dating site if your not interested in dating? It kinda relates to girls only having a follow me on Instagram or Twitter as there entire profile. Is it just an ego thing or what?


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  • hahahaha
    as you're a male, you don't know what its like as a woman on a dating site. I will tell you. Instantaneously you get at least 30 guys talking to you/complimenting you and showing interest in you. It's actually surprising but seriously, in a very very short period of time girls get TONS of attention. It's not that they go on there to find a date but because they want their ego's stroked, to increase self-validation and remind themselves that they are wanted.

    And I'm not going to lie, it DOES feel good and it IS a confidence boost, I have gone on dating sites every so often and had tons of attention and never once took it any further. I am guilty of doing it. Sure some will genuinely want to but for most women it's just a huge ego stroke.

    • So what your saying for someone like me who is genuinely looking for a nice girl to go on a date with, not a hookup, not a friends with benifits, but a honest to god date. Online dating sites are completely worthless...

    • Hmmmm. I would focus on real life girls and put energy into doing exactly what you do on dating sites, and have become comfortable doing on dating sites, but apply it to the real world. It isn't useless but you will have to shift through a lot of girls to find the one's serious about it. It can be done but not really easily no. By going on dating sites it means you're putting effort into dating and you're picking the easiest and less embarrassing option. But it is also the less rewarding option. Put that effort into actually accomplishing meeting people in real life, approach women in real life, socialise with new women in real life. It's a lot more daunting but you'll find you'd get a lot further rather than wasting it online instead.

    • A lot more creepy to women too. That is when approaching them in a whim and most random times. Not in today's society, they'll think you're trying to mug or rape them. Smh. Being a nice gentleman gets a guy like me nowhere

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  • ego stroking.


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  • I think yes ego boost or short-term attention for some, but I don't think that means ALL women are on there for that reason so I wouldn't say it is completely worthless. Just keep this in consideration so maybe you know who to not place your energy in.


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  • a lot of dating sites use fake profiles of women to lure the men in.

    the best statistic was from the ashley madison site. 3million registered men... and about 1500 women who actively checked their inbox.