So, I've had a crush on my close friend for the past three years, but then I saw this, and now I feel really conflicted. What do I do?

So, I've had a crush on my close friend for the past three years, but then I saw this, and now I feel really conflicted. What do I do?
Basically, I've been thinking about trying to initiate a relationship with her, but I saw this, and I can't stop thinking about it.

Based on evidence that I have, I believe that it is relatively likely that she likes me as well, but this really threw me for a loop.

Does anyone know the validity of this? It's starting to freak me out.


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  • "I'll tear down the jerks you date and wait for you to realize how good I am for you" --> NO; do not interfere with her love life; if you are legitimately friends and you care, you may say something if you honestly think she could be in danger with the guy, but otherwise, just stay quiet. I would end my friendship with guy friend who sabotaged my relationshops. The waiting around bit, well chances of getting her once you've been friend zoned are around 35%; if you like these odds, keep waiting. Otherwise, move on.
    "In a moment of weakness and loneliness, you'll give in" --> if we give in, it will be short-lasted, as the last slice indicates; thus, what is the point? insecurity and loneliness do NOT translate into a lifelong relationship. compare this to rebound dating -- they don't last!
    I hope this helped

    • I think you were misunderstanding.

      The thing I have become slightly terrified of, is that if we do end up dating, or even get married in the future, that she will not really be happy.

      I think that is more of the point that the artist is trying to make: That relationships based off of friendships aren't really good for one or both of the participants.

      What I'm asking about, is the validity of the above statement.

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    • Oh thank god... Here's your MHO.

    • Oh. Thank you ☺️

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  • It's kinda true. I find the number one thing that screw up most guys that have trouble getting girl's is that they never act on their intentions. Just go for it and ask her out. Of she agrees great, if she doesn't now you know and can move on before being too attached and obsessing over her for years

    • I've been extremely unlucky on the front of having the ability to tell her my intentions.

      We met and became friends when we were 10, when I didn't have any romantic interest in girls, but by the time she turned 11,(I'm 6 months older than her) I had a crush on her.

      Between when we became friends and when I developed a crush on her, people started teasing us, because at that age, girls and guys don't hang out with each other that much. People kept talking about how we were dating, and we adamantly denied it, citing the reason that dating before high school is a stupid waste of time. (Side note: Around the time I started to crush on her, her friend told me that she had a crush on me, but I ignored it, because I was still confused about my feelings.)

      To this day, people still tease us about dating, and we've kind of founded our friendship on the ideal that different sex teenagers don't have to be trying to get into each other's pants to be able to hang out.

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    • Sounds like she's not interested. I mean I guess you could try asking her out one more time, and be ready to try to move on if she rejects you

    • I want to just to get some form of closure. This has been going on too long, and it's started to take a serious toll on me emotionally.

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