Girls, what would you do if a guy did this?

Girls, what would you do if a guy did this?

I was talking to a guy I'm talking to on the phone last night. In the middle of the convo he said "Oh shoot, I gotta do something. Can I call you right back?" I said "sure." I sent him a really sexy text while he was gone, and then after 30 minutes told him I was going to bed soon so the window to talk was closing. I didn't hear back from him. It's kind of weird, especially after sending a sexy text. I'm pretty annoyed bc I waited up 30 minutes past my bedtime (when I had work early the next morning) for him to call back since we were in the middle of a conversation.


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  • Did he reply the next morning? If yes, then he was legit wrapped up in something. But even if he didn't, actually, you told him the window for conversation was closing so he probably read that and thought it wasn't necessary to say anything else because you had already gone to bed.

    • Hmmm good point, yeah he didn't reply or text this morning. I think that's off though after I sent such a sexy text. You'd think he'd want to respond..

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    • So you don't think I did/said something wrong that made him not want to respond? I always fear that when someone doesn't reply.

    • Nah you're good.