Do they play taped evidence in court?

say you have a taped phone call for about an hour, will they literally play the whole thing in court for everyone to hear?

it is revenant to the case.


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  • they'll only play what is relevant to the case.

    • it is. its considered evidence.

    • i doubt they'd play the entire recording, that is taking up a lot of the court's time. most likely, they will just play the important parts that will further progress their conviction.

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  • It depends really. It could go either way. If there is something you don't want the people in the court room for you to hear, I would talk with a lawyer. There may be a way for the judge to only give the evidence to the people that have to hear it if it would be an embarrassment for you, it never hurts to ask.

  • It depends on whether the case or trial may have several appointments, I don't know about the U. S..

    But in British courts, like magistrate they may play a bit of evidence over the course of the case, which may be like a minute or so, but maybe if the courtcase was serious they play the whole thing

  • they might only play the part that is important to the case, but if they think that it is all important they will play it all


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